Corporate Social Responsibility

SapuraAcergy’s operations provide us with a unique opportunity to directly influence the well-being of our environment and communities in which we operate. We aim to: minimize our environmental impact, and positively improve the community in areas and countries where we operate.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy revolves around two key core areas:


SapuraAcergy strives to operate in an environmentally responsible manner in order to minimise the environmental impact of our operation. Our CSR programmes are designed to promote environmental awareness among our people and stakeholders.


We believe in building a better future for everyone. Our outreach initiatives are developed to support the growth and well-being of the local communities in our areas of operations.

Adopt A Child Program

We make your wish come true

In collaboration with the Make‐A-Wish Malaysia, SapuraAcergy have been actively involved in the Adopt A Child Program. This program is aiming at fulfilling wishes of children with life threatening medical condition. To date, SapuraAcergy had adopted four children and participated in the yearly Make A Wish Charity Golf Tournament to help them to raise more funds.

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Supporting the Communities

We are committed to Creating Change

SapuraAcergy supports community‐based programs and continue initiating events that promote the wellbeing of surrounding community and lending hands to those in need.


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Protecting the Environment

We care for the environment that we live in

At SapuraAcergy, we believe in taking care of our surroundings and preserving the environment. As such, we have developed various environmental programs and inculcate health, safety & environmental awaresess as part of our lifestyle and culture.


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Community Projects

We encourage the less fortunate to excel and care for the communities

At SapuraAcergy we believe that everyone can make a difference. We appreciate the significance of our activities and understand how we can make change through our actions. We are committed in carrying out our corporate responsibility programs conscientiously with a view to look after our surroundings at all times

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